How to save money and travel more

Travel Nerd Story

“How do you travel so frequently?” We’ve been hit by this question quite a number of times, so I thought of blogging about it.
It’s a long read but don’t you guys want to make stories happen to you?

Life is short and the world is wide. If you believe in this and want to travel frequently then the following rules of thumb won’t disappoint you;

Disclaimer: I’m not some financial guru. It might not apply to all of you but it worked for us. So, I thought it might work for some of the travelers as well.

  • Have a ‘save money’ travel jar: Yes, this might sound very old school but it’s an optimum way to keep your travel money separately and you also have a count of amount you’re saving by doing so. This will also keep you motivated to save your money because every time you’ll see it you…

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