NO NO!! Don’t do this in Italy

Travel Nerd Story

Read a lot of blogs on WHAT TO DO IN ITALY? Here, I have written something out of the ordinary for you guys “What not to do in Italy’’

 The ten day long trip to Italy has taught us life lessons. Many lessons were learnt the hard way; whereas, some were borrowed from the experience shared by the locals. So here’s the list of top 10 things which are a big NO NO !! in Italy:

  1. English ? che cosa?: Unlike many other European countries Italy has sparse number of people who speak English. Except our hotel receptionist, we didn’t come across many Italians who spoke/understood English (reminds me of the movie Lost In Translation). If you are thinking about going further into the small Italian towns, watch out for the communication barriers. Even, name of the cities are given in Italian and they are quite different from what…

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