A Fantabulous Danish City: Copenhagen

Travel Nerd Story

“Denmark is the happiest country in the world” have you ever heard this before? If yes, ever wondered why? What makes the Danish people so happy? Is it the wealth, socialequality, good governance or just drunk people merry-making about.Theirmight be spateof reasons but here I’m sharing what made me grin like a Cheshire cat in Denmark.

Danes love their bicycles: When you’re in Copenhagen, it might come as a shock to see that there are sparse number ofcars on the roads and plethora of bicycles. The aforementioned premise is bolstered by the statistics indicating that 55% of the population prefer to commute to work by the latter mode of transportation. Be it middle class families or politicians, there’s one bike in every home. Furthermore, to facilitate the cycling,there are separate lanes and lights for the cyclists in Copenhagen. At least, someone cares about the mother nature and something to…

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