Things We Love And Hate About Traveling

Wonderful account of experiences during travels

Travel Nerd Story


1.The very first day of traveling:  We have been traveling for a while now, and it’s not as exciting as it seems in the pictures, haha literally. First day of traveling is always tiresome, from early morning flights to reaching an unknown country, to looking your way to the hotel, it’s a grueling and an unpleasant task (believe me). The energy levels are so low that we don’t even leave our hotel room till the evening, until we are food deprived.


2.Late Check-In & Early Check-Outs:  WHYYYY ? Yes that’s the second most hated thing. Europe has a rule of checking in after 3pm, which leaves you prowling for things to do. Are we really expected to deal with it, when we have an early morning flight and we show up in the hotel lobby at 9am with our luggage? Even worse, one cannot enjoy a nice sleep…

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