Oh Canada!

Travel Nerd Story

slide-1In the course of 2015 spring, my dear Nerd (Arvind) was fortunate enough to make an appearance at a conference in Canada, which gave the traveler (me) an opportunity to explore another part of the sphere.

Packing bags, invigorating atmosphere of the airports, hovering above the clouds, conspicuous smell of every country; we love everything about traveling. This passion of ours for traveling, took us to the little hidden treasure in Canada, St John’s.
As the plane arrived right above St. John’s, we peeped through the window, only thinking to myself about the surprises the place was about to offer.
So, as we set our feet, in St. John’s; ah!!! What a sight, bright sunny day with beautiful blooming flowers.
Thereafter, we boarded a taxi to our hotel and to my surprise our cabbie was a lady in her mid 50s. After getting to talk with her about the city…

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