A painting comes to life-Santorini

Travel Nerd Story

FullSizeRender-4Imagine a serene, tranquil, peaceful place; an even better sight of a volcano, open air swimming area to take a dip in & the most magnificent sunset.

We had heard numerous times about Santorini and watched number of videos. Consequently, in the month of April’15 we decided to visit the most awaited place on the bucket list.

We reached Athens, stayed there for a couple of days and took a ferry to Santorini. It took us 8 hours to reach but believe me every single view was worth it.

IMG_1641 View from ferry

IMG_4032 You’ll see many beautiful Islands like this while sailing to Santorini.


After a long excursion we were welcomed by a group of hoteliers who were affable enough to make us feel welcomed. Without any delay and with anticipation we stepped out for an escapade and to our surprise  every Greek we met made us feel at home.


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