Universities Covered under consumer protection Act ?

Citations :-
A student applying for revaluation of his result comes under the definition of a “Consumer”
Ram Kumar Aswani v. M/s A.K. Structural Foam Ltd. 1993 CPC 383

After accepting admission fee from complainant University revoked admission due to not having necessary qualification – University directed to refund fee with interest. Guru Nanak Dev University v. jagjit Singh 2005(1) CPC 490 Pb.

Classes not started after received fee for less number of students _ University directed to refund the amount with coset- Director, Mahatma Gandhi University v. Gopalkumar. 1999(1) CPC 292

Complainant could not get admission in M.A. class due to mistake of University which wrongly declared him unsuccessful- University directed to pay compensation of Rs. 50,000./ with costs- Registrar H.P university v Suresh Kumar 2007(2) CPC


One thought on “Universities Covered under consumer protection Act ?

  1. after going through Number of Judgments it is quite clear that Consumer Protection Act does apply to university also. applicability of the act depends upon the circumstances and facts of each case…

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