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Advani’s Resignation Not Good for NDA’s Health: JD(U)

JD(U) today gave first indications of parting ways with the NDA, saying it is “difficult” to remain in the alliance which is on “ventilator support” in the wake of resignation of L K Advani from top BJP posts and anointment of Narendra Modi as party’s campaign committee chief for next Lok Sabha polls.


HINDU LAW: Property of Female Hindu:

Section 14 of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, provides for conversion of life interest into absolute title on commencement of the Act. However, sub-section (2) carves out an exception to the same as it provides that such right would not be conferred where a property is acquired by a Hindu female by way of gift or under a Will or any other instrument prescribing a restricted estate in that property. Thus, if a Hindu female has been given only a ‘life interest’ through Will or gift or any other document referred to in Section 14 of the Act, 1956, the said right would not stand crystallized into the absolute ownership. Section 14(2) carves out an exception to rule provided in sub-section (1) thereof, which clearly provides that if a property has been acquired by a Hindu female by a Will or gift, giving her only a ‘life interest’, it would remain the same even after commencement of the Act, 1956, and such a Hindu female cannot acquire absolute title.

Shivdev Kaur (D) by LRs v. R.S. Grewal , C.A. Nos. 5063-5065 of 2005; Decided on 20-3-2013 (SC)

Petition in high court over replacement of ‘Sindh’ with ‘Sindhu’ in national anthem

English: Road in Himalaya India

English: Road in Himalaya India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MUMBAI: A petition has been filed in the Bombay high court seeking direction to the state government to withdraw geography text books in which Sindh has been replaced in the national anthem with Sindhu. These textbooks were earlier withdrawn following a serious faux pas after Arunachal Pradesh was missing from one of the maps of India. The 16.5 lakhwithdrawn text books had also contained the word Sindhu instead of Sindh.

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Lover acquitted of rape charges by Delhi court

A youth accused of raping his live-in partner after promising to marry her has been acquitted by a Delhi court on the ground that the girl did not turn up to depose against him.

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Muslim marriage is a civil contract, rules high court

KOCHI: Uncoupling the institution of marriage from sacred or religious connotations conveniently used to deny women their due, the Kerala high court has ruled that Muslim marriage is primarily a civil contract to legalize sexual intercourse

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Managing court hard nut to crack for MBAs!

Managing Groups and Teams Cover Thumb

Managing Groups and Teams Cover Thumb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

630 were eligible to appear for screening test. Of them, 559 took the exam and only 26 made the cut for the inteview.

It seems managing courts in the state is very hard for management graduates. 


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