How to save money and travel more

Travel Nerd Story

“How do you travel so frequently?” We’ve been hit by this question quite a number of times, so I thought of blogging about it.
It’s a long read but don’t you guys want to make stories happen to you?

Life is short and the world is wide. If you believe in this and want to travel frequently then the following rules of thumb won’t disappoint you;

Disclaimer: I’m not some financial guru. It might not apply to all of you but it worked for us. So, I thought it might work for some of the travelers as well.

  • Have a ‘save money’ travel jar: Yes, this might sound very old school but it’s an optimum way to keep your travel money separately and you also have a count of amount you’re saving by doing so. This will also keep you motivated to save your money because every time you’ll see it you…

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NO NO!! Don’t do this in Italy

Travel Nerd Story

Read a lot of blogs on WHAT TO DO IN ITALY? Here, I have written something out of the ordinary for you guys “What not to do in Italy’’

 The ten day long trip to Italy has taught us life lessons. Many lessons were learnt the hard way; whereas, some were borrowed from the experience shared by the locals. So here’s the list of top 10 things which are a big NO NO !! in Italy:

  1. English ? che cosa?: Unlike many other European countries Italy has sparse number of people who speak English. Except our hotel receptionist, we didn’t come across many Italians who spoke/understood English (reminds me of the movie Lost In Translation). If you are thinking about going further into the small Italian towns, watch out for the communication barriers. Even, name of the cities are given in Italian and they are quite different from what…

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A Fantabulous Danish City: Copenhagen

Travel Nerd Story

“Denmark is the happiest country in the world” have you ever heard this before? If yes, ever wondered why? What makes the Danish people so happy? Is it the wealth, socialequality, good governance or just drunk people merry-making about.Theirmight be spateof reasons but here I’m sharing what made me grin like a Cheshire cat in Denmark.

Danes love their bicycles: When you’re in Copenhagen, it might come as a shock to see that there are sparse number ofcars on the roads and plethora of bicycles. The aforementioned premise is bolstered by the statistics indicating that 55% of the population prefer to commute to work by the latter mode of transportation. Be it middle class families or politicians, there’s one bike in every home. Furthermore, to facilitate the cycling,there are separate lanes and lights for the cyclists in Copenhagen. At least, someone cares about the mother nature and something to…

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Underwater Tales

Things We Love And Hate About Traveling

Wonderful account of experiences during travels

Travel Nerd Story


1.The very first day of traveling:  We have been traveling for a while now, and it’s not as exciting as it seems in the pictures, haha literally. First day of traveling is always tiresome, from early morning flights to reaching an unknown country, to looking your way to the hotel, it’s a grueling and an unpleasant task (believe me). The energy levels are so low that we don’t even leave our hotel room till the evening, until we are food deprived.


2.Late Check-In & Early Check-Outs:  WHYYYY ? Yes that’s the second most hated thing. Europe has a rule of checking in after 3pm, which leaves you prowling for things to do. Are we really expected to deal with it, when we have an early morning flight and we show up in the hotel lobby at 9am with our luggage? Even worse, one cannot enjoy a nice sleep…

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Swiss Land in Pictures

Travel Nerd Story

“To which place shall we set our foot next ?” This was the very first question after coming back from India. We wanted a break from the typical European feel, in terms of landscape and architecture; subsequently, Switzerland popped into our heads. So without a delay flights and hotels were booked and within a few weeks we were in SWIZZ LAND !!!

Speaking frankly I  was really looking forward to write a blog even before I reached Switzerland . I had 10 different ideas about what I’d be writing about. But the moment I reached Swizz , flabbergast I was left. The beauty is beyond description. So I think I should just let the pictures do the talking, with a little description about the places beneath them. ENJOY THE PICTURES ! 

DSC_2428 Zurich,Switzerland welcomed us with rain showers which was not so romantic but we still managed to explore a little…

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Oh Canada!

Travel Nerd Story

slide-1In the course of 2015 spring, my dear Nerd (Arvind) was fortunate enough to make an appearance at a conference in Canada, which gave the traveler (me) an opportunity to explore another part of the sphere.

Packing bags, invigorating atmosphere of the airports, hovering above the clouds, conspicuous smell of every country; we love everything about traveling. This passion of ours for traveling, took us to the little hidden treasure in Canada, St John’s.
As the plane arrived right above St. John’s, we peeped through the window, only thinking to myself about the surprises the place was about to offer.
So, as we set our feet, in St. John’s; ah!!! What a sight, bright sunny day with beautiful blooming flowers.
Thereafter, we boarded a taxi to our hotel and to my surprise our cabbie was a lady in her mid 50s. After getting to talk with her about the city…

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Where to eat in Shimla

Travel Nerd Story

IMG_2135Does this question concern you as much as it concerns me ? If the answer is yes, then this blog is going to be very helpful if you’re  planning to visit Shimla as a tourist or already are inhabitant of the city.
Shimla, a city delineated  by snow capped Himalayas, is known for its scenic picturesque; nevertheless, in the recent times we have witnessed a plethora of new cafes and food joints burgeoning in the city.Since,this is my 1st blog on eatery, so folks trust me I have only considered places which are easy to get to. So here are the top eating joints  in no particular order.

1.Wild Flower Hall:

As the name indicates, the hotel was named after ‘junglee phool’ of the nearby forests. This is definitely not a place to visit everyday because it’s a daylight robbery. But if you’re looking for something different and away from the hustle-bustle of the main city…

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A painting comes to life-Santorini

Travel Nerd Story

FullSizeRender-4Imagine a serene, tranquil, peaceful place; an even better sight of a volcano, open air swimming area to take a dip in & the most magnificent sunset.

We had heard numerous times about Santorini and watched number of videos. Consequently, in the month of April’15 we decided to visit the most awaited place on the bucket list.

We reached Athens, stayed there for a couple of days and took a ferry to Santorini. It took us 8 hours to reach but believe me every single view was worth it.

IMG_1641 View from ferry

IMG_4032 You’ll see many beautiful Islands like this while sailing to Santorini.


After a long excursion we were welcomed by a group of hoteliers who were affable enough to make us feel welcomed. Without any delay and with anticipation we stepped out for an escapade and to our surprise  every Greek we met made us feel at home.


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